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What is online tools?

The internet is full of great free online tools that you can use in your spare time for business and personal tasks. But sometimes it's hard to find excellent tools that do exactly what you need to do and, above all, are available for free. This is where free online softmedal tools come into play to make your life easier. In the collection of free online tools offered by Softmedal, there are many simple and useful tools that can change your life. We have selected for you the best free Softmedal tools that we think can reduce the hassle on the Internet or in your daily life even a little bit.

Some of the tools in the online tools collection are;

Reverse image search: With the reverse image search tool, you can search for similar images on the internet that you have uploaded to our servers. You can easily search on many search engines such as Google, Yandex, Bing. The picture you want to look for may be a wallpaper or a photo of a person, it doesn't matter, it's entirely up to you. You can search all kinds of images with JPG, PNG, GIF, BMP or WEBP extensions on the internet with this tool.

Internet speed test: You can test your internet speed instantly with the internet speed test tool. Likewise, you can access download, upload and ping data quickly and easily.

Word counter - Character counter: Word and character counter is a tool that we think is very useful for people who write articles and texts, especially Webmasters who are interested in websites. This advanced Softmedal tool, which can recognize every key you press on the keyboard and count it live, promises you excellent features. With the word counter, you can find out the total number of words in the article. With the character counter, you can find out the total number of characters (without spaces) in the article. You can learn the total number of sentences with the sentence counter and the total paragraph counter with the paragraph counter.

What is my IP address: Every user on the Internet has a private IP address. IP address refers to your country, location and even your home address information. When this is the case, the number of internet users wondering about the IP address is also quite high. What is my IP address? You can find out your IP address using the tool and even change your IP address with IP changing programs such as Warp VPN, Windscribe VPN or Betternet VPN on Softmedal and browse the internet completely anonymously. With these programs, you can also access websites that are banned by internet providers in your country without any problems.

Nickname generator: Usually every internet user needs a unique nickname. This has almost become a necessity. For example, when you will be a member of a forum site, only your name and surname information will not be enough for you. Since you cannot register with this information alone, you will need a unique username (alias). Or, let's say you start an online game, you will encounter the same alias problem there as well. The best way for you would be to enter the website and create a free nickname.

Web color palettes: You can access the HEX and RGBA codes of hundreds of different colors with the Web color palettes tool, which is one of the indispensable tools for the audience we refer to as Webmasters who are interested in websites. Every color has a HEX or RGBA code, but not every color has a name. When this is the case, designers who develop websites use HEX and RGBA codes such as #ff5252 in their own projects.

MD5 hash generator: The MD5 encryption algorithm is one of the most secure encryption algorithms in the world. When this is the case, webmasters who are interested in websites encrypt user information with this algorithm. There is no known easy way to crack a password generated with the MD5 cipher algorithm. The only way is to search huge databases containing millions of decrypted MD5 ciphers.

Base64 decoding: Base64 encryption algorithm is just like MD5. But there are many notable differences between these two encryption algorithms. E.g; While a text encrypted with the MD5 encryption algorithm cannot be recovered by any method, a text encrypted with the Base64 encryption method can be returned within seconds with the Base64 decoding tool. The usage areas of these two encryption algorithms differ. With the MD5 encryption algorithm, user information is usually stored, while software, application source codes or ordinary texts are encrypted with the Base64 encryption algorithm.

Free backlink generator: We need backlinks for our website to perform better in search engine results. When this is the case, webmasters who develop websites are looking for ways to earn free backlinks. That's where the Free backlink builder, a free softmedal service, comes into play. Website builders can get hundreds of backlinks with one click using the Free backlink builder tool.