HTML Code Encryption

With the HTML code encryption (HTML Encrypt) tool, you can encrypt your source codes and data in HEX and Unicode formats for free.

What is HTML code encryption?

It is a free tool that can get results very quickly in order to prevent the risky situations of your site, and encrypts it by entering the codes on the panel. You can easily perform encryption by entering the HTML codes of your site into the panel.

What does HTML code encryption do?

Thanks to this tool, which aims to protect your website against risky situations, you can easily store the HTML codes on your site, and those who access your site's codes will encounter a very complex code structure that does not mean anything to them. Thus, you can protect the HTML codes of your site.

Why is HTML code encryption used?

It is used to prevent possible attacks to your site from outside, to prevent the use of your site's HTML codes by someone else, and to hide the codes from outside.

Why is HTML code encryption important?

Owners of competing sites with you may want to harm your site with unethical methods. Encrypting your codes gives you a great advantage against simple attacks by your competitors. In addition, if your site has a design or coding that has not been thought of before, you will prevent your competitors from obtaining it.

HTML code encryption and decryption

These two concepts, known as HTML encoding and HTML decoding, are the process of first converting your site's codes into a complex structure and then converting this complex structure back to a readable and simple level. The concept of encoder means encrypting, that is, putting the codes into a more complex structure, and decoder means decoding, that is, making the codes more understandable and simple.

How to use HTML code encryption?

You can copy and paste all the HTML codes you want to be encrypted to the relevant part of the tool and add them to the panel. When you press the "Encrypt" button on the right, the codes will be automatically given to you in a fast encrypted form. Then you can go and use these codes directly on your site. Even if your competitors examine these codes, they will not be able to understand anything.