What Is My Mac Address?

With the What is my Mac address tool, you can find out your public Mac address and real IP. What is the mac address? What does a mac address do? Find out here.


Your Mac Address

The MAC address is among the concepts that have just entered the world of technology. Although this concept leaves a question mark in mind, it turns into a very useful and easy-to-understand address if known. Since it is similar to the concept of IP address, it is actually known as two different terms, although it is often confused. MAC address is defined as a special information belonging to each device that can connect with additional devices. Finding the address varies on each device. The MAC address details, which change depending on the method, are very important.

What is the mac address?

Opening; The MAC address, which is the Media Access Control Address, is a term that can connect with devices other than the current device and is uniquely defined for each device. It is also known as the hardware address or physical address found on almost every device. The most distinctive and basic feature that differs from each other with the IP address is that the MAC address is immutable and unique. Although the IP address changes, the same does not apply to MAC.

In an information consisting of 48 bits and 6 octets in the MAC address, the first series identifies the manufacturer, while the 24-bit 3 octets in the second series correspond to the year, place of manufacture and hardware model of the device. In this case, although the IP address can be accessed by almost every user, the MAC address on the devices can only be known by people and users connected to the same network. The information written by adding a colon sign between the mentioned octets becomes a symbol frequently encountered in MAC addresses.

In addition, MAC addresses starting with 02 are known as local networks, while those starting with 01 are defined for protocols. A standard MAC address is defined as: 68 : 7F : 74: F2 : EA : 56

It is also useful to know what the MAC address is for. The MAC address, which obviously plays an important role in connecting with other devices, is often used during the processing of Wi-Fi, Ethernet, Bluetooth, token ring, FFDI and SCSI protocols. As it can be understood, there may be separate MAC addresses for these protocols on the device. The MAC address is also used in the Router device, where devices on a single network should recognize each other and provide correct connections.

Devices that know the MAC address can establish a connection between each other via the local network. As a result, the MAC address is actively used for all devices on the same network to communicate and communicate with each other.

What does a MAC address do?

The MAC address, which is unique to each device that can connect with other devices, is usually; It is used during the processing of protocols such as Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, ethernet, token ring, SCSI and FDDI. So your device may have separate MAC addresses for ethernet, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

MAC address is also used in processes such as devices on the same network to recognize each other, and devices such as routers to provide correct connections. Even the MAC address of each other, the devices can connect with each other over the local network. In short, the MAC address allows devices connected to the same network to communicate with each other.

How to find Windows and macOS MAC address?

The MAC address, which can be found differently on each device, varies depending on the operating systems. MAC address is found very easily in line with certain steps. Thanks to the address found, it is also possible to open and block access with certain devices.

On devices with Windows operating system, you can find the MAC address by following these steps:

  • Enter the search bar from the device.
  • Search by typing CMD.
  • Enter the command operation page that opens.
  • Type "ipconfig /all" and press Enter.
  • It is the MAC address written in the Physical Address line in this section.

These processes are as follows on devices with macOS operating system:

  • Click the Apple icon.
  • On the screen that appears, go to the system preferences.
  • Open the network menu.
  • Proceed to the "Advanced" section on the screen.
  • Choose Wi-Fi.
  • The MAC address is written on the screen that opens.

Although the steps are different for each device and operating system, the result is the same. The sections and menu names in the macOS system also differ, but the MAC address can be easily accessed after the process.

How to find Linux, Android and iOS MAC address?

After Windows and macOS, MAC addresses can be found easily on Linux, Android and iOS. On devices with Linux operating system, you can search for "fconfig" on the screen that opens immediately after opening the "Terminal" page. As a result of this search, the MAC address is quickly reached.

The appearance on the Linux terminal screen looks just like the Windows command prompt screen. It is also possible to access all information about the system with the different commands here. In addition to the MAC address where the "fconfig" command is written, the IP address is also accessed.

On iOS devices, the steps are taken by logging into the "Settings" menu. Right after that, you should enter the "General" section and open the "About" page. MAC address can be seen in the opened page.

All devices such as phones, tablets and computers have MAC addresses. The steps followed for iOS can be followed on all devices with this operating system. In addition, the details of the Wi-Fi information can be accessed on the page that opens.

Finally, we would like to mention how the MAC address is found on devices with Android operating system. On devices with Android operating system, it is necessary to enter the "Settings" menu. Then, go to the "About Phone" section and from there, the "All Features" page should open. When you click to open the "Status" screen, the MAC address is reached.

The process of finding the MAC address on Android devices may differ depending on the model and brand. However, by following similar menu and section names, all information on the device can be accessed in a practical way.

To summarize; Also known as Physical Address, Media Access Control stands for MAC, which is located in technological devices, and is known as "Media Access Method" in English. This term enables all devices to be recognized within the same network over the computer network. Especially computers, phones, tablets and even modems have a MAC address. As it can be understood, each device has its own unique address. These addresses also consist of 48 bits. Addresses consisting of 48 bits define the difference between the manufacturer and the protocol over 24 bits.