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What is business?

In general, every company, store, business, even a grocery store is a business. But what exactly is the word “business” and what purpose does it serve? We have compiled all the information about the business to answer your questions like these.

The main objective of a business is to maximize profits for its owners or stakeholders and maximize profits for the owners of the business, while maintaining corporate social responsibility. Thus, in the case of a publicly traded business, the shareholders are its owners. On the other hand, the primary purpose of a business is to serve the interests of a broader set of stakeholders, including employees, customers, and even society as a whole.

It is also thought that businesses should comply with some legal and social regulations. Many observers argue that concepts such as economic added value are useful in balancing profit-making goals with other goals.

They think that sustainable financial return is not possible without taking into account the wishes and interests of other stakeholders such as customers, employees, society and the environment. This way of thinking is actually the ideal definition of what their business is and what it means.

What does the business do?

Economic added value indicates that a fundamental challenge for a business is balancing the interests of the new parties affected by the business, sometimes conflicting interests. Alternative definitions state that the primary purpose of a business is to serve the interests of a broader group of stakeholders, including employees, customers, and even society as a whole. Social progress is an emerging theme for businesses. It is integral for businesses to maintain high levels of social responsibility.

What are the business types?

  • Joint stock company: It is a group of individuals created by law or by law, independent of the existence of its members and having different powers and responsibilities from its members.
  • Stakeholder: A person or organization that has a legitimate interest in a particular situation, action or initiative.
  • Corporate Social Responsibility: It means a sense of both ecological and social responsibility to the society and environment in which a business operates.

How to create a business name?

In order to create a business name, the first thing you need to do is to fully define your business and your business. In order to create your business identity, it is important to determine the vision and mission of the business, understand your target audience, determine your customer profiles, and consider the market you are in. In this process, before choosing a brand name, you can ask yourself the following questions:

  • What message do you want to give to consumers?
  • What are your priorities regarding the name? Is it catchy, original, traditional or different?
  • How do you want consumers to feel when they see or hear your name?
  • What are the names of your competitors? What do you like and dislike about their names?
  • Is the length of the name important to you? It can be difficult to remember very long names, so it is important to pay attention to this issue.

2. Identify alternatives

It is important that you come up with more than one alternative before choosing a business name. The reason for this is that some names may be used by other companies. In addition, domain names or social media accounts may also be taken.

On the other hand, it is also important that you share the names you find with the people around you and get their opinions. You can also decide on your name based on the feedback received. For this reason, it is useful to identify alternatives.

3. Identify short alternatives.

When the business name is too long, it is difficult for consumers to remember it. Original and remarkable names may be an exception in this process; but businesses generally prefer names consisting of one or two words. This way, consumers can remember your business more easily. Remembering your name naturally makes it easier for them to find you and talk about you more easily.

4. Make sure it is memorable.

When choosing a business name, it is also important to choose a catchy name. Once users hear your business name, it should be able to stay in their minds. When you're not on their minds, they won't know how to search for you on the internet. This will cause you to miss out on potential audiences.

5. It should be easy to write.

In addition to being catchy and short, it is also important that the name you find is easy to write. It should be a name that will provide convenience to users during both normal and domain name writing. When you choose words that are difficult to spell, users may turn to different pages or businesses while trying to search for your name. This is naturally one of the factors that will cause you to miss recycling.

6. It should also look good visually.

It is important that your business name also looks good to the eye. Especially when it comes to logo design, the names you choose are important to prepare a catchy and remarkable logo. Reflecting the identity of your business in the logo design process and visually appealing the name to the consumers will help you in the branding process.

7. Must be original.

It is also important that you turn to original names when choosing a business name. Names that resemble different companies or are inspired by different companies will give you difficulties in the branding process. It is also beneficial to make original name choices, as your name will be mixed with a different concept or company and will prevent you from putting yourself forward.

8. Check domain and social media accounts

When choosing among the alternatives you find, it is important to check the use of these names on the internet. It is important that the domain name and social media accounts are not taken. Having the same name on all platforms makes your job easier in the branding process. Anyone who calls you should be able to reach you from anywhere with a single name. That's why it's important to do this research.

In addition, it is also useful to search on Google for the name you have chosen and look for searches that are compatible with this word or name. Because the name you choose may be associated with a completely different product or service without you realizing it, or it may be a bad use of this word. This will naturally harm your business. For this reason, it is useful to pay attention to these when choosing a business name.

What should the business name be?

The business name is one of the most thought-provoking topics for those who will establish a new business. Finding a business name requires considering many factors, such as the legality of the found name. The name you will find by acquiring certain criteria rather than finding any name also contributes to the recognition of the business. We have compiled the tricks of finding the right business name for you.

The process of finding a business name is one of the most difficult processes for most entrepreneurs. Although choosing a business name may seem simple, it needs to be thought through and meticulous. Because all the work done within the body of the business is referred to by the name you will put.

It may be inconvenient to put the first name you find when establishing a business without doing any preliminary research. For this reason, you need to query the name you find suitable for your business with certain tools. If this name is not used by another business, it is now available for you to use.

The name you will put for the business should be a name that will adapt to the work you do as it will become your corporate identity. You can be creative with the name and wait until you find the name that best reflects your business.

A business name that does not meet your expectations may cause you to feel the need to make changes in the future. This requires reworking your brand awareness. Therefore, it is very important to meticulously carry out your name work when establishing a business.

What should we consider when choosing a business name?

The name you choose when establishing a business should be well thought out and serve the purpose of the business. Things to consider when choosing a business name are as follows:

  • Keep it short and easy to read.

You can choose names that are as short and easy to pronounce as possible. Thus, the customer can easily remember this name. Also, your logo design and branding process will be easier if you keep the name short.

  • Be original.

Take care that your business name is a unique name that no one else has. Compile the alternative names you have created and conduct a market research and examine whether the names you have found have been used. Thus, you can be sure of the originality of the name, and then you do not have to deal with possible changes.

Since it is illegal to use a name used by someone else, it may cause you to enter a process that will bother you. So be sure to check if the name is usable. In order for your business to stand out among its competitors and be unique, the name you use must also make a difference.

  • Remember that you can use the business name on online platforms.

As the use of digital platforms is increasing, you can make your company name available on the internet. When choosing a business name, you should pay attention to details such as social media accounts and domain name. If the domain name or social media account of the name you have chosen has been taken before, you may need to make a name revision beforehand. Since the difference between your business name and your domain name will negatively affect your awareness, it is important to pay attention to this harmony.

  • Consult your surroundings.

After creating various business name alternatives, you can consult people you trust for their ideas about these names. Thus, you will receive feedback from your relatives about whether the name is memorable or whether it serves the company's field. You can eliminate the names in line with the ideas you receive and have strong alternatives at hand.

  • Choose the most suitable one among the alternatives.

You can now create the name of your business by choosing one of the strong alternatives you have. You can make your choice by focusing on the most original, memorable and digital platforms.

There are a number of methods to facilitate your name selection. You can create your business name by using the following methods:

  • You can work with professional businesses that do this job at the point of name finding. If you work with these professionals, you can also request support in the formation of a business identity besides finding a name. In addition, it may be possible to provide the necessary support in logo formation with these professionals.
  • You can choose by focusing on the emotion you want the business name to evoke in the customer. In this way, the name you prefer will mediate for the user to get an idea about the business.
  • Focus on creativity when choosing a business name. Creative names are always more interesting and memorable.
  • Be sure to test the name you want to use beforehand. Legal, original names play an important role in the existence of the business.

What is business name generator?

Business name generator; It is a Brand name generator tool offered by Softmedal for free. Using this tool, you can easily create a name for your company, brand and business. If you are having trouble creating a brand name, the Business name generator can help you.

How to use business name generator?

Using the business name generator tool is very easy and fast. All you have to do is enter the amount of Business name you want to create and click the create button. After doing these steps, you will see many different business names.

How to register a business name?

You can perform your business name registration process in two ways.

  • With a personal application to the Patent and Trademark Office,
  • You can apply through authorized patent offices.

The name registration application is made to the Patent and Trademark Office. You can make your registration application either physically or digitally. The person applying for the name registration can be a natural or legal person. In the registration process, you must specify in which field the name will be used. Thus, companies with similar names in different classes can be registered separately.

If you have decided to apply for registration as a result of extensive research on the name, you must prepare an application file. The requirements for this application file are as follows:

  • Information of the applicant,
  • The name to be registered,
  • The class the name has,
  • Application fee,
  • If available, the company's logo should be included in the file.

After the application, necessary examinations and evaluations are made by the Patent and Mark Institute. At the end of this process, which can take 2-3 months on average, the final decision is made. If the result is positive, the publication decision is made by the Patent and Trademark Office and the business name is published in the official business bulletin for 2 months.

How to change business name?

According to the information text of the Patent and Trademark Office, applicants are required to follow some procedures. The documents required for title and type change requests are as follows:

  • Petition,
  • Proof of payment of the required fee,
  • Trade Registry Gazette information or document showing the title or type change,
  • If the amendment document is in a foreign language, translated and approved by a sworn translator,
  • Power of attorney if this request is made by the proxy.

By collecting all these documents and information, a name change application can be made.