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Softmedal.com is a free image upload and image share service. You can upload photo in JPG, PNG, GIF, BMP, WEBP formats and up to 10 MB.

Thanks to the upload image service, you can share your images on the internet for free. The image sharing service offered to improve web usage, thus taking your internet experience to a different dimension. You can easily make the images you want to share on websites, in your digital projects or with your friends visible on the web.

Softmedal manages to create advantages for all users with its fast image upload service offered free of charge. The system, which makes it possible not only to share images, but also to organize images with online image editing tools, thus creates great convenience.

Upload image online

Softmedal, which serves as an online image upload service, allows you to store and share images with high quality and high speeds. You can digitize images with various extensions on your devices such as phones, tablets and computers very easily on the site.

If you want to share the image on your device or publish it on websites, all you have to do is select the upload image option. Then you can find and select your image file on the screen that will open. A sharing link will be created for your image, which will be uploaded to the system in a short time. Thus, you can have the image displayed by sharing the relevant link on websites, e-mail or in your messages.

Upload image service benefits

Softmedal, which serves as a free image upload site, does not only offer the sharing of visual files for its users. In addition, it brings many advantages for users. You can upload as many images as you want thanks to the daily unlimited image upload facility. So you can backup or transfer your image files. When using e-mail, when you want to send multiple images, you may encounter a limit no matter which e-mail you use. However, by uploading images, you can put the link of all of them in your e-mail, and thus you can share the visual files as you wish, unlimitedly.

The system, which always aims to provide the best experience for users, also offers more advantages for members. While you can upload images or photos on the site without any membership process, you can also use additional features when you become a member.

For registered users, the upload size increases, and the ability to upload ten images at once is also available. The system, which gives the opportunity to upload all image file extensions supported by devices such as computers and phones, thus allows users to send different image files.

One of its biggest features is offered to those who want to edit images online. Registered users can edit the visual files they upload through the panel, depending on their wishes. You can make your visual files much more special or fun with different applications such as adjusting the size and changing the color option. Thanks to the imagecropping feature, you can adjust its size as you wish. You can remove the parts you want to be cut from the image and complete the image editing process without the need for an additional program.

It is also among the user-friendly details of the system that it provides the opportunity to check the images you have uploaded to the system and allow you to store them.

Upload image with user-friendly details

Fast image upload service offers great convenience for both guests and registered users. While the images uploaded to the system are displayed only with the link you obtained with the one you want, you can easily delete the images you do not want from the system. While registered users can delete images from their own panels, guest users can easily delete images that they want to be deleted from the system by contacting them.

With the free image upload service, you can share images without placing an additional load on the main server of your website, share images on sites that do not allow image upload, or easily send the images you want to be viewed to your friends. Thanks to all these, your visual and photo files meet the ones you want without any problems.

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Fast upload image

You can choose our site with the fast image upload feature to upload images via your internet browser, to transfer images to sites built on sharing forums, blogs or any category. The images uploaded on our site, which has the latest software technology system, can be uploaded by the site users and the materials in it can be edited. It works on any website. You can use our Softmedal free image hosting service to share the imagesyou want with the users on the internet in a quality way on online platforms.

Upload Animated Gifs Online: Download your slideshows and videos as Gifs or upload them as GIFs to your slideshows and videos. Since the installation of our web browser is prepared with great care, it ensures that the images you share are opened in a fast image upload format without waiting for loading or downloading time. You can upload the images that you want to convey to the users in dictionaries, blogs, news, forums and many other environments, which are platforms whose material can be edited on the web, and share them with contentment with the users you want the edited version and extension. On our site, which offers a image upload feature, the pixels of the images you transfer will not be damaged, and different sizes can be used. Only moral images can be uploaded to our site,

For this reason, you can reach the solutions you are looking for in a fast, practical and high quality way from our site, which is easy to use and does not compromise on speed quality.

Easy and Fast upload image

You can quickly transfer images to your website with the option to upload images online. For this, you can transfer the image as a result of copying the plugin code and pasting it into this field in the HTML code of your website (after the head code section). You can also use our website for your routine needs during the day, which offers a simple and trouble-free image upload service with faster-opening images. On the online platform; You can use our site to share the images you want to see with other users about these topics on websites where the agenda is discussed and discussed and information and images are shared, such as websites in the dictionary, forum, news and blog category.

Brief information about the upload image service

Softmedal.com is among the most practical and fast image upload services you can see in the internet market. The makers of the website always mention their success in speed. In support of this claim, the site makers provide such a test under the name of the upload visual test to the site members in order to show their speed. Those who are curious about the speed of this website can perform the necessary speed tests on the page. The main purpose of making Softmedal.com address is to meet these requests of members who want to receive image transfer service in a virtual environment without the need for a separate program in this technological world.