SHA1 Hash Generator

The SHA1 hash generator allows you to generate the SHA1 version of any text. SHA1 is more secure than MD5. It is used in security operations such as encryption.

What is SHA1?

Unlike MD5, which is a similar one-way encryption system, SHA1 is an encryption method developed by the National Security Agency and introduced in 2005. In the following years, SHA2, an upper version of SHA1, which can be considered more secure than MD5 in part, has been published and work is still ongoing for SHA3.

SHA1 works just like MD5. Typically, SHA1 is used for data integrity or authentication. The only difference between MD5 and SHA1 is that it translates to 160bit and there are some differences in its algorithm.

SHA1, known as the Secure Hashing Algorithm, is the most widely used algorithm among encryption algorithms, and was designed by the United States National Security Agency. It enables database management based on "Hash" functions.

SHA1 encryption Features

  • With the SHA1 algorithm, only encryption is performed, decryption cannot be performed.
  • It is the most widely used SHA1 algorithm among other SHA algorithms.
  • The SHA1 algorithm can be used in e-mail encryption applications, secure remote access applications, private computer networks and many more.
  • Today, data is encrypted by using SHA1 and MD5 algorithms one after the other in order to increase security.

Generate SHA1

It is possible to create SHA1 just like MD5, using virtual web sites and using some small software. The creation process takes only a few seconds, and after a few seconds, an encrypted text is waiting for you, ready to be used. Thanks to the tool included in the WM Tool, you can create a SHA1 password immediately if you wish.

SHA1 decrypt

There are different helpful tools on the internet to decode the passwords created with SHA1. In addition to these, there are also helpful software for SHA1 Decryption. However, since SHA1 is a geared encryption method, decrypting this encryption may not always be as easy as it seems and can be resolved after weeks of searching.