Download IObit Uninstaller

Download IObit Uninstaller

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  • Download IObit Uninstaller
  • Download IObit Uninstaller
  • Download IObit Uninstaller

Download IObit Uninstaller,

IObit Uninstaller is an uninstaller that you can use without the need for a license code. It is among the free tools that Windows PC users can use to perform computer maintenance and uninstalling programs much easier and faster. It is used to eliminate slowdowns and troubles caused by the accumulation of unnecessary programs and data on your Windows 10 computer.

Download IObit Uninstaller

Because when you use the program, it becomes possible to remove all programs that are not included in the Add/Remove Programs menu of Windows or that cannot be removed from there. In addition, you can easily remove the pre-installed Windows 8, 8.1, 10 applications on your computer.

In long-term PC usage, the residues of thousands of programs and applications accumulate in the computers registry. Even if programs are removed from the system, these residues remain there, and IObit Uninstaller has no problem targeting these residues as well, helping to protect the computers registry from unnecessary entries.

If any problem occurs on your computer during program uninstallation or registry cleaning, the program, which allows you to automatically create a system restore point in order to recover from these problems, works so stable that you do not need this function.

Sometimes Windows updates can cause problems, especially on old computers, so users may want to get rid of these updates. You can also remove the updates that cause problems on your PC by making use of the Windows Update deletion feature of IObit Uninstaller.

You can also use the program to remove harmful add-ons that somehow infect your web browser and cannot be removed. Among these add-ons, it is possible to encounter a wide variety of situations, from add-ons that change the homepage to those that change the search engine or try to steal your personal information, so you need to clean it from your system as soon as possible.

Whats new with the latest version of IObit Uninstaller;

  • Installation/Installation Tracking: Improved more installation process records such as new services, scheduled operations, DDL files.
  • Software Health: Improved the removal of program leftovers and malicious plug-ins.
  • Uninstall Algorithm: More accurate recognition for less used programs and bundled programs
  • Uninstall Uninstallable Programs: Uninstall stubborn software such as MPC-HC, IntelliJ IDEA, Rockstar Games.

The fact that it is available for free and comes with a very easy-to-use interface puts it in a very valuable place among uninstaller tools. If you find the standard uninstall program of Windows ineffective and you are looking for a more radical solution, it should definitely be among the system maintenance applications you should have on your computers.

IObit Uninstaller Specs

  • Platform: Windows
  • Category: App
  • Language: English
  • File Size: 24.00 MB
  • Licence: Free
  • Developer: IObit
  • Latest Update: 06-07-2021
  • Download: 9,377

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