Download Esoft PDF Reader

Download Esoft PDF Reader

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Free Download for Android (25.00 MB)
  • Download Esoft PDF Reader
  • Download Esoft PDF Reader
  • Download Esoft PDF Reader
  • Download Esoft PDF Reader

Download Esoft PDF Reader,

PDF Reader 2020 is a free and fast PDF reader, PDF viewer, PDF opener, PDF editor and PDF file manager for Android. With PDF Reader, one of the prominent applications on Google Play, you can effortlessly open PDF files, search, read, print, scan, edit and save PDF documents or e-books on your Android phone. Free PDF Reader 2020 is a very modern, lightweight yet fast and easy to use application that will help you enjoy reading PDFs and ebooks more than ever before.

PDF Reader is the best app for viewing, reading and managing PDF files and it works beautifully on Android. The application has a very simple interface that makes it easy to read and manage PDF files on your phone. Works without internet; You can use PDF Reader - PDF File Viewer to access your files from your home, office or anywhere else. The application trims the margins of PDF files in the PDF viewer. Single column mode splits the two-page spread image from a scanned PDF book into two separate pages. Opens large PDF documents. It allows you to take full advantage of EPUB and MOBI formats. The WORD reader creates the content of a book based on titles. You can access reading settings, table of contents, bookmarks, text highlights, citations, notes,It offers quick access to page browsing history and other ebook options. You can easily navigate the book using the page marker or the progress line. It prints footnote texts in Epub, Mobi, Docx, Fb2 formats at the bottom of the page as in a normal book. Displays the total number of pages of a book and the pages of the reading section separately.

Download PDF Reader 2020 Android PDF Reader, Edit, Open

  • PDF Reader & Viewer allows you to read e-book and PDF files, PDF documents on your device as a good office tool.
  • Auto recognition enables PDF Reader to display all device formats (PDF, Djvu, FB2, epub, rtf, doc, cbz, cbr, html, xml, awz3, mobi).
  • You can read e-books, PDF files and PDF documents without internet.
  • Free PDF Reader!

Esoft PDF Reader Specs

  • Platform: Android
  • Category: App
  • Language: English
  • File Size: 25.00 MB
  • Licence: Free
  • Developer: eSoft Office Site
  • Latest Update: 19-10-2021
  • Download: 1,933

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Download Esoft PDF Reader

Esoft PDF Reader

PDF Reader 2020 is a free and fast PDF reader, PDF viewer, PDF opener, PDF editor and PDF file manager for Android.
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