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Download Exxen TV,

Exxen TV Android app can be downloaded from APK and Google Play store. Exxen mobile application was opened to Android users on Google Play after the App Store. Exxen, an online platform full of movies, TV series, competitions and programs, debuted as Turkeys new digital platform, affiliated with Acun Ilıcalı. Download the Exxen TV Android application to enter the platform, which has a very affordable membership fee, become a free member, log in and watch the contents and programs for 7 days for free.

At Exxen, reliable, daily renewed content and surprise formats that young people, children and the whole family can watch together meet the audience. Exxen TV, which offers 7 days of free viewing, can be downloaded from Google Play. To watch Exxen, install the application on your Android phone by tapping the Exxen Download Google Play button above. Alternatively, you can download Exxen Download APK directly to your phone with the Android link.

Download Exxen APK

The latest English-made content that is not available anywhere is in the Exxen Android app. He is one of the creators of Turkeys prominent documentaries and biographies, from TV series starring award-winning actors that appeal to large audiences, social media celebrities with millions of followers and YouTubers that young people want to be, from cartoons, series and animations exclusive to Exxen that you can watch with your child and family. Many different types of content are waiting for you on Exxen TV, from special documentaries that you can watch only on Exxen.

MasterChef Junior, Mr. Şeref, Speakers, Wild Things, Zeynep Bastık and His Guests, Tolgshow (No Filter), Dirty Laundry, Magic Mom, Tosuncuk, Hero in the Deep, @Enis Arıkan, Yetiş Zeynep and countless more programs on this digital platform.

Exxen TV, which debuted with the slogan Turkeys digital platform, established within Acun Medya, offers viewers the option to watch all content free of charge for 7 days. You can then choose between ad-free and ad-free monthly and annual subscription options.

Watch Exxen

You can access and watch Exxen TV series, movies, competitions, programs online from your computer, smartphone (Android / iPhone) and television (there is no Mirroring Smart TV application yet).

What content is on Exxen? Exxen features Turkeys beloved actors and artists, social media phenomena with millions of followers and YouTubers, TV series, formats, documentaries, and special content for children and young people. Exxen exclusive content that all family members can watch together, as well as special productions prepared by Turkeys leading producers and Acun Medya, are at Exxen. Sign up now and start watching.

How to become an Exxen Membership?

How to become a member of Exxen? How to get Exxen membership? Go to the Exxen membership page. You can become a member of Exxen by entering your name, surname, e-mail address and clicking the Sign Up” button. Why should you get an Exxen membership? Exxen offers its members the freedom to watch constantly updated content on any device (computer, smartphone, tablet, smart TV) whenever they want. No setup and no commitment! You can cancel your Exxen membership at any time.

How to Cancel Exxen Membership?

How to cancel Exxen membership? It is very easy to cancel Exxen membership; All you have to do is click the Cancel button on the My Account page on the application and on the Account and Settings page on the web. Your Exxen subscription is canceled instantly.

How Much Exxen Price?

What is the Exxen price list, how is the Exxen pricing, how much are the Exxen individual membership package prices? For those wondering;

Exxen membership fee (monthly 9.90 TL + Sports 24.90 TL) with prices starting from 34.80 TL. Exxen memberships are divided into advertising and non-advertising. Exxen membership content with advertisements; Hundreds of custom-made content, Special content for Kids, UEFA Champions League matches, UEFA Europa League matches, UEFA Conference league matches, UEFA Super Cup match. Ad-free Exxen membership content; In addition to all these, the Download-Watch feature.

  • For those who prefer membership with advertisements; Seasonal Package price is 34.8 TL x 12 months instead of 49.8 TL per month. Exxen 9.9 TL + Sports 24.9 TL. For those who prefer the Monthly package instead of the Seasonal, the price is 49.8 TL. Exxen 9.9 TL + Sports 39.9 TL.
  • For those who prefer ad-free membership; Seasonal Package price is 44.8 TL x 12 months instead of 59.8 TL per month. Exxen 19.9 TL + Sports 24.9 TL. For those who prefer the Monthly package instead of the Seasonal, the price is 59.8 TL. Exxen 19.9 TL + Sports 39.9 TL.

Exxen Login

Login to Exxen is very easy, both on the mobile app and on the web. You can log in to Exxen on any device you want, either by entering your e-mail address and password you used for membership, or with your phone number. Login to Exxen is not free (free), but a 7-day free trial is given when opening a membership.

Exxen Series

There are many series that you can watch on Exxen. Here are the Exxen series; Leyla and Majnun, The Usual Suspects, Mr. Şeref, My Magical Mother, Wild Things, Heres My Tale, Invalid, Cafe by Step, Some Interesting Events, Student House, Time of Death.

Exxen TV Specs

  • Platform: Android
  • Category: App
  • Language: English
  • File Size: 17.00 MB
  • Licence: Free
  • Developer: Exxen
  • Latest Update: 01-11-2021
  • Download: 1,514

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