Download Keeper Password Manager

Download Keeper Password Manager

Windows Callpod Inc.
Free Download for Windows (1.1 MB)
  • Download Keeper Password Manager
  • Download Keeper Password Manager
  • Download Keeper Password Manager
  • Download Keeper Password Manager
  • Download Keeper Password Manager
  • Download Keeper Password Manager
  • Download Keeper Password Manager
  • Download Keeper Password Manager

Download Keeper Password Manager,

Keeper Password Manager enables users to best protect their data by automatically generating passwords that are secure, strong and difficult for other people to guess.

Users can create different and unique passwords for each of their accounts. If accounts are stolen - although this is unlikely with Keeper - the passwords of other accounts will automatically change and it will not be possible to access those accounts.

Download Keeper Password Manager

With 4 different plan options, you can choose a plan according to your needs. Users can secure their files by choosing among personal, family, business and enterprise plans according to their wishes and needs.

Keeper offers a more innovative solution by eliminating the need to memorize and keep passwords in mind. By keeping all the passwords in a safe, users only need to remember the password of the safe.

Allowing you to save time, Keeper Password Manager allows you to access your accounts in the most reliable way in the shortest time. The application, which has a high performance in terms of user satisfaction among password managers, helps its users on more critical issues compared to its alternatives.

It offers many advantages for personal use, from unlimited password storage to unlimited device and synchronization, from logging in with fingerprint and facial recognition to emergency access.

Keeper Password Manager Features

  • Ability to share passwords securely.
  • Ability to create strong, secure, different passwords.
  • Ability to create a two-factor authentication code.
  • Auto-fill usernames and passwords.
  • Save time when accessing applications and websites.
  • User-friendly interface.

Keeper Password Manager Specs

  • Platform: Windows
  • Category: App
  • Language: English
  • File Size: 1.1 MB
  • Licence: Free
  • Developer: Callpod Inc.
  • Latest Update: 15-05-2024
  • Download: 1

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