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Download Photo Search,

We wonder about the source of the content we see on social media or video sharing sites. Or a t-shirt, dress, etc. We try to find people/objects on clothes. This is where Photo Search services come into play. The main purpose of these services is to enable you to find out what is the thing you are wondering about. For example, if you see a flag on a garment that you dont know which country it belongs to, you can take a photo of it and find it through Photo Search (Reverse Image Search) sites.

What if you want to learn more detailed information about the source of that outfit, where it came from, which web page it was shared on? By using the Photo Search (Reverse Image Search) technique, you can make your search specific, so you have a chance to find the origin of the photo you have. If you are wondering about finding the person in the photo and video, our guide is for you.

World-renowned services developed for Photo Search;

Almost all well-known search engines have Photo Search feature. Dont just think about simple tasks like finding the person in the video or photo. Since this technique will reveal the like of the photograph, you can also use it to search for a suspicious image and to verify its accuracy by accessing its copies on the internet.

Biggest Similar Photo Search services:

  • Google Images.
  • Yandex Image.
  • Bing Photo Search.
  • TinEye Photo Search.

1) Reverse Image Search

With the Reverse Image Search service offered by Softmedal, you can search for photos among billions of images on the internet. The pictures you drag into the Softmedal Reverse Image Search tool, which supports 95 different languages, are searched on the internet within seconds and the photos that are similar to each other are presented to you in a short time.

English: If you want to search for photos in English or change the language from the main menu, click here Reverse Image Search to reach the homepage of our Photo Search service.
Arabic: If you want to search for photos in Arabic, click here to access the Arabic site of our Photo Search service.
Persian: If you want to search for Persian photos, click here to access the Persian site of our Photo Search service.
Hindi: If you want to search for pictures in Hindi, click here to access the Hindi site of our Photo Search service.

2) Google Photo Search

You can access Googles Photo Search (Reverse Image Search) service via the Softmedal Tools links above. First you need to upload a photo to this site. You can add it from your computers internal memory or from the URL. Just click the Add file button to upload from your computer. The window that opens will direct you to the internal memory, where you can select the image you want.

It would be more logical to use Google Lens to find the person in the photo on mobile devices. Otherwise, it is not enough to open the browser and reach the Google Images site. You need to change the browser to computer mode by saying "Request a desktop site". Google Lens eliminates this problem.

You can run Lens, which is integrated into the Google application, by clicking the camera icon in the search box. Of course, since it will shoot with your phones camera, it will naturally ask for your permission. You will also need to allow storage access to search for photos in the gallery. After giving all the necessary permissions, you can use the Photo Search (Reverse Image Search) service.

3) Yandex Photo Search

Russia-based search engine Yandex also has Photo Search (Reverse Image Search) service. In the comments made, it is stated that Yandex Visual gives more successful results compared to other services. For example, according to some users; When they searched for a photo of a person, Google found search results such as blonde-haired people based on their physical characteristics (such as hair, eye color), while Yandex directly found the source of the photo in question.

You can access Yandex Visual service through Softmedal Tools. When you click on the camera icon on the site, you can upload photos from the internal memory or URL. Unlike Google, Yandex also allows you to add photos you copied on your computer by pasting them with the CTRL+V key. After adding it, the search starts automatically and Yandex displays the results it finds.

You can also use Yandexs Photo Search (Reverse Image Search) service on mobile. There are two methods for this: The first is to access the web page of the image search from the browser and add the photos in the gallery of the phone, just like on the computer. The second is to install the Yandex mobile application and tap the camera icon in the search bar.

Using the image search is one click easier through the application that you can download from the App Store or Google Play Store. Because you can take instant shots directly. No need to mess with the gallery.

4) Bing Photo Search

The free Photo Search service offered by Bing, a US-based search engine, is a very high quality Photo Search service, although it is not as high quality as Yandex Photo Search or Google Photo Search. You can search for photos with Bing, which started broadcasting on June 3, 2009 by Microsoft, a world-renowned software giant. Microsoft, which has signed many important software, especially the Windows operating systems we use, is a software giant that prioritizes user satisfaction.

You can use the Photo Search robot named Softmedal-C216, which is a free Softmedal Tools service, to search with Bing Photo Search. With Reverse Image Search technology, you can find similar images in seconds.

5) TinEye Photo Search

In addition to the services offered by search engines, there are also services developed only for reverse image search. The most well-known among them: TinEye. One of the most important features of TinEye is the image verification system called MatchEngine. This system makes it easy for you to learn the authenticity of images that have been manipulated and altered. The platform finds the source of the photo in question and brings it to you.

You can do Photo Search (Reverse Image Search) on site. This service, which works on both computer and mobile, can also be installed as an add-on to the browser. TinEye scans the photo you are looking for on web pages in seconds and finds the URL of the site it was uploaded to. According to the companys claim, the image you upload is compared to more than 49.5 billion files.

So what methods do you use to find the person in the photo or video? You can specify your own techniques and recommendations in the comments.

Photo Search Specs

  • Platform: Windows
  • Category: App
  • Language: English
  • File Size: 14 MB
  • Licence: Free
  • Developer: Softmedal Tools
  • Latest Update: 02-08-2022
  • Download: 13,452

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