Download Vestel Voice Control

Download Vestel Voice Control

Android Vestel
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  • Download Vestel Voice Control
  • Download Vestel Voice Control
  • Download Vestel Voice Control

Download Vestel Voice Control,

You can remotely control your Vestel Smart television from your Android devices by using the Vestel Voice Control application. Vestel Voice Control apk download, which was developed specifically for the Android platform and has been downloaded thousands of times, continues to be distributed free of charge. The successful mobile application, which is very simple to use, is only available to users on the Android platform. With Vestel Voice Remote apk download, which has a regular structure, you will be able to control your smart television and change channels.

Vestel Voice Control apk download, which was developed and published exclusively for the Android platform, continues to be distributed free of charge.

Vestel Voice Control Apk Features

  • simple design,
  • Turkish usage,
  • Compatible with Vestel smart television,
  • Android version,
  • Simple use,
  • volume up,
  • changing channel,

Working compatible with Vestel Smart televisions, the Vestel Voice Control application allows you to use basic remote control functions with your voice. After connecting wirelessly to your television, you can start giving voice commands from your smartphone in the application, and you can learn all the installation procedures with the voice guide.

To control your television with your voice, you can use commands such as volume up, volume up, volume down, volume down, mute, mute, previous channel, next channel, channel 1, turn off the television, close the application, etc. in the Vestel Voice Control application. You can download the Vestel Voice Control application free of charge, with which you can switch your television to HDMI source or TV broadcast with voice commands such as source 1, source 2.

Vestel Voice Control Apk Download

With Vestel Voice Control apk, users will be able to change the channel of Vestel brand televisions and turn the sound on and off. Vestel Voice Control APK install, which can be downloaded and used free of charge from Google Play, continues to be used by large masses. The application, which has Turkish language support, has not received updates for years.

Vestel Voice Control Specs

  • Platform: Android
  • Category: App
  • Language: English
  • Licence: Free
  • Developer: Vestel
  • Latest Update: 14-11-2023
  • Download: 1

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