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Download Age of Empires 4,

Age of Empires IV is the fourth game in the Age of Empires series, one of the best-selling real-time strategy games. Age of Empires 4 puts players at the center of the epic historical battles that have shaped the modern world. Age of Empires 4 PC will be available for download on Steam.

Age of Empires 4 Download

Age of Empires IV takes players on a journey through the ages as they led influential leaders, built great kingdoms and fought some of the most critical wars of the Middle Ages.

Players must explore the world around them to find essential resources to build their empire. Using these resources, they construct buildings, produce units, and build their economies as they deal with a series of enemy raids and attacks. They guide their empire through the ages, and at the right time, they attack their enemies with all their empires might and enjoy the euphoria of victory! The Norman Scenario is one of four scenarios in Age of Empires 4, in which players embark on a rough road to conquer England and become the new king of the country.

There are 4 civilizations in Age of Empires IV: Chinese, Delhi Sultanate, British and Mongols.

The Chinese: A civilization consisting of impressive structures, gunpowder power, and the Dynastic System that provides unique utility and a variety of strategies to overcome the opponent. Strong defenders behind the imposing walls, focused on the economy. You experience Chinese culture, power and innovation as you create ripples in Eurasia, growing your empire through vibrant Dynasties. City planning is an important growth strategy. Dynasty systems offer advantages when triggered and provide bonuses such as unit bonuses and access to unique buildings.

The military prowess of the Chinese lies in their effective gunpowder power. They have access to multiple unique weapon power units, making them a formidable civilization when facing off in battle.

They have unique units such as the Fire Lancer, a cavalry unit from the Yuan Dynasty equipped with a fire spear, and the Nest Bees, a powerful siege weapon that fires tremendous arrows in the area. Dynasties are a unique feature of Chinese civilization. Along with the ability to construct all landmarks in any epoch, pick two from the same epoch that triggers their chosen dynasty for unique bonuses, buildings and units. Tang Dynasty focuses on exploration, giving speed and vision bonuses to Scouts. Song Dynasty focuses on population explosion that gives access to village buildings and the Repeating Crossbow unit. Yuan Dynasty focuses on the food explosion, which gives access to the Vault building and the Fiery Spearman unit. Ming Dynasty focuses on military advantage by gaining access to the Pagoda building and Humbaracı unit.

Delhi Sultanate: They are at the forefront of technological innovation. They focus on research and defense, along with their superiority in technological advancement over other civilizations. Traveling through the ages allows you to experience the rich history of the civilization, savoring the vibrant culture and oppositional power of the Delhi Sultanate. Encountering the Delhi Sultanate at war can be frightening; The core of their armies, the War Elephant has an astonishing brute power that deals high damage.

While the Delhi Sultanate awaits their time to increase their power through the ages, they are building defensive structures using the abilities of their sub-units.

Their strength is a force to be reckoned with when their armies reach their peak. Unique units include the Scholars, a monk-type unit with the unique ability to speed up research and technology upgrades. The mighty War Elephant is a powerful melee unit that deals high health and damage to all. The Tower War Elephant is a devastating ranged attack unit with two archers perched on a War Elephant. The Delhi Sultanates specialty lies in research.

Not only do they have access to a variety of upgrade options through the ages, they also have access to the unique Academic Research System, which gives them an edge in research that no other civilization has. They do their technology upgrades through Scholars. The Delhi Sultanate has access to the Mosque, which originally produced Bingins and accelerated research and made it a thriving center for technological innovation.

The British: British power is a unique power, backed by the strength of archery troops, tight control over forts and defensive buildings, and a highly reliable food economy that has kept it afloat through the ages. The British have several key advantages that create an exciting battlefield for resources and victory. The British specialize in castle nets. Town Centers, Outposts, Towers, Fortresses, alarm probes when the enemy approaches and prompt nearby units and defensive buildings to fire faster for a short time.

Can spawn all units whose forts make the British defense superior. Longbow men special English unit, a unique version of archer in other civilizations. Longbow men have the advantage in ranged combat, with access to longer range and therefore significant upgrades. The British Soldier has a solid infantry unit and extra armor upgrade available before other civilizations. The English Peasant is the humble unit of civilization and the key to starting a strong economy. He has light combat abilities with a ranged bow attack to ward off early attacks.

The British have access to unique landmarks that strengthen the British as a defensive force while expanding your army of infantry, cavalry and siege units to become an indestructible force. Youll need access to a network of castles and landmarks to keep your empire safe as you grow and expand. The British can access cheaper farms early on. Produce gold to continue to feed your ever-expanding empire and army!

The Mongols: The Mongols are an agile civilization, excellent at hit-and-run military strategy, and can expand armies quickly. The Mongols are a disciplined civilization known for their varying history in connecting the east to the west. A nomadic civilization with the ability to move their bases, early access to cavalry units, and speed given from early outposts, the Mongols quickly retreat before their enemies can catch up. Due to their high mobility, their armies can easily defeat the enemies. Mongols have access to stamina at the start, which allows them to build a fast-moving, agile army to intimidate their opponents and gain an advantage by tracking their opponents valuable information.

Mongols have access to a unique unit called Khan, a mounted archer with the special ability to fire warning arrows that supports and strengthens the Mongolian army. The devastating horse archer Mangudai strikes fear into his opponents with his excellent hit-and-run tactics. Due to their nomadic nature, the Mongols have Pasture instead of Farm, sheep breeding is the primary food source for the Mongols.

Mongols are able to rapidly develop their economy with unique buildings such as stone mining Ovoo or mobile Ger. Ovoo allows Mongols to quickly produce units or improve their research. Ortoo provides the Mongols with a network of outposts to assemble to quickly respond to enemy openings or hold their positions. Constantly on the move to exploit the resources scattered across the map, the Mongols are a devastating, highly mobile civilization.

Age of Empires 4 Specs

  • Platform: Windows
  • Category: Game
  • Language: English
  • Licence: Free
  • Developer: Relic Entertainment
  • Latest Update: 19-12-2021
  • Download: 653

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