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Download Age of Empires Online,

When it comes to strategy, one of the first games that comes to mind for many game lovers is undoubtedly the Age of Empires series. Age of Empires Online, the online adventure of the Age of Empires series, known to the world as a series that has proven itself in this field, invites you to free online battles. Age of Empires Online, an online real-time strategy game in the MMORTS genre, is made by Gas Powered Games, and its publisher is Microsoft Game Studios, which has been the same for years. As you may remember, we know about the latest Age of Empires series, Age of Empires 3, and the additional packages that came to it.

Download Age of Empires Online

For a long time, it was completely unknown what the fate of this series would be. The production, which lost its absolute leadership in the strategy games market for a while, is still considered among the legendary strategy games in the world. Age of Empires Online, which will bring a new breath to the series that wants to regain this lost reputation with a remake, draws attention with its great graphics and being an online game.

Age of Empires Online, which is completely similar to the old Age of Empires series in terms of gameplay, offers you the pleasure of online strategy. You will be able to play Age of Empires Online, which can be downloaded completely free of charge from the internet, in the same way. You will experience exciting battles in the multi-environment, first of all, we have missions, but in Age of Empires Online, which also has a co-op mode, you will be able to go to war with your enemies as two friends at the same time.

In order to be included in Age of Empires Online, you must first download a small client file of the game and install it on your system. You just install the client file on your system and the program will do the rest for you. It will completely install the game on your system and automatically perform the updates that exist throughout the game. After downloading the game and installing it on our system, we can register and log in to the game.

Lets talk about 4 different civilizations in the game: Celtic Civilization, Egyptian Civilization, Persian Civilization, Greek Civilization.

  • Celtic Civilization: This civilization, which we will introduce as the Celtic civilization, is located in the cold and high mountains where the warriors are located. It is a fact that the soldiers of the Celtic civilization, who have mastered the use of swords, are also masters in their production. Celtic civilization, which has powerful military units, is proud of its warriors who are skilled in close combat. Challenge the cold and high mountains with their fearless warriors.
  • Egyptian Civilization: In other words, the Egyptians, the Egyptians known to have existed for thousands of years, are the nightmare of their enemies in Age of Empires Online, with their most advanced technology, scientific genius, as well as their military power. This civilization, which has the Nile river, is not only rich in economic terms, but also shows itself with its warriors. With the brave and strong Egyptian warriors, the Egyptians who want to completely control the world have this power. Become a partner in Egypts plans to dominate the world and stand by this powerful civilization.
  • Persian Civilization: Tigers of the East, Persians… You will have fearless warriors, especially with the Persians, which is an indisputable fact that their war skills have developed. The Persians, which are among the most frightening and powerful civilizations of the past years, are also known for being very hardworking. You will decorate the battles with your superiority in all kinds of lanes with many merciless military units belonging to the Persians, who have fearless warriors. The most fearsome military units known are the dark warriors who are touted as the undead, using these warriors to instill fear into the enemy troops. The Persians, who thought to use not only human power but also many animals such as elephants on the battlefields, will gain superiority in battles.
  • Greek Civilization: The Greeks, one of the main civilizations of this age that we all know and indispensable in ancient times. With their noble and fearless warriors, the Greeks have always managed to make a name for themselves. Dominating a climate like the Mediterranean, the Greeks are known for their intelligence and technology as well as their war skills. The world-famous philosophers are already proof of this. Although the Greeks, who have been trying to preserve its continuity for years, have been subjected to many disastrous wars, it is still a civilization that has managed to stand upright. Be with the Greeks and witness the balance of both war and mind power.

In Age of Empires Online, the profession system has also taken its place in the game, accordingly, the professions in the game and what they do are listed below:

  • Builders Hall: Building worker.
  • Cavalry Hall: To craft mounted warriors.
  • Craftsmans Hall: To craft minions, Villagers, and craft some vehicles in the game.
  • Engineering College: To manufacture mechanical weapons, to manufacture weapons of war.
  • Hunting Lodge: For crafting archer and spear units.
  • Grand Temple: For crafting Priest units.
  • Millitary College: For crafting melee swordsmen.

PvP, that is, Player versus Player system, which has become indispensable for online games, is also available in Age of Empires Online. Except for the normal game section, the game creates a special section for users who want to be in the PvP system of the game, and within a map, you will be able to play Age of Empires Online against your friends or other players. Age of Empires Online, one of the most enjoyable strategy games, will take you to the old years with its PvP system and make you feel nostalgic.

Game lovers looking for a new generation MMORTS should definitely try and those who want to have an addictive game experience should definitely try Age of Empires Online. Quality graphics, full content, hundreds of thousands of players, Age of Empires Online brings real-time strategy games to the online platform, take your place in the game.

Age of Empires Online Specs

  • Platform: Windows
  • Category: Game
  • Language: English
  • File Size: 0.61 MB
  • Licence: Free
  • Developer: Microsoft Games
  • Latest Update: 19-12-2021
  • Download: 568

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