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Download Letterboxd,

Almost all of us want to remember the movies and TV series we watched and record how those movies and TV series affected us. It is possible to do all this and more with Letterboxd APK.

Download Letterboxd APK

Letterboxd APK is a huge social media platform for movie lovers. After you become a member of the application, you can start saving the movies you have watched before to your movie diary. You can rate your movies and write your comments about the movie. If you wish, you can share your comments with other movie lovers and view their comments. You can create your own special watch lists by adding the movies you want to watch in addition to the movies you have watched.

You can also follow your friends within the application and see what movies they watched, what they liked and the comments they made about the movies.

You can use Letterboxd APK for free, but unfortunately there is no Turkish language support in the application. The application also offers two different paid membership options for you:

Letterboxd BOSS Advantages

  • You have the option to choose from different posters for each movie.
  • Blackdrop (visual presentation material generally placed on the background of speakers or program participants in promotions, advertisements, launches, special occasions) is added to your profile, comments and lists.
  • Your name will flash brightly on our Patrons page and youll get early access to the apps beta features.
  • You also have the eternal gratitude of everyone at Letterboxd HQ. .

Letterboxd Standard Edition Features

  • Browse popular, highly rated and most anticipated movies including trailers, member ratings, artwork, cast + crew details, studios, genres and popular reviews.
  • Browse and access popular reviews and lists.
  • Read and post comments on reviews and lists.
  • Search for movies, cast, reviews, listings and members.
  • Log and review movies, edit history entries.
  • View member profiles (including diaries and movies) and cast/crew filmographies.
  • Follow (or block) other members.
  • Create and edit lists.
  • Sorting and filtering.
  • Access profile settings. .

Letterboxd Specs

  • Platform: Android
  • Category: App
  • Language: English
  • File Size: 50.00 MB
  • Licence: Free
  • Developer: Letterboxd Limited
  • Latest Update: 10-09-2023
  • Download: 1

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